Thursday, May 15, 2014

Random Magic Item: Dovoro's Skipping Stones

Dovoro's Skipping Stones:  A bag of 4d3 flat stones.  The stones appear to be flat river rocks, each approximately three inches in diameter.  They are unremarkable in appearance other than having a 'water' rune carved onto one face.


A stone skipped across a body of water will leave a trail of stepping stones in its wake, allowing safe passage.  A body of water up to 100 feet wide may be crossed in this manner, and multiple stones may be used to cross wider gaps.  The stones are enchanted to repel water, therefore not becoming wet or slippery. Each stone may be used once.

The stones will remain in place for 4 turns, then sink away.  If the party is being pursued or does not wish others to cross, the last stone in the chain may be removed, causing the remainder to sink.

Dovoro's Chasm Skipping Stones: A bag of unremarkable flat stones, as above, except inscribed with an 'Air' rune:


Each of these stones may be 'skipped' across a chasm, creating a chain of stepping stones across the gap, also up to 100 feet.  Like their water-borne equivalents, they will remain in place for 4 turns unless the last stone is dislodged.

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