Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Tricking Followers Around Fire"

Talysman didn't roll a topic this week, so per the random topic generator:

Tricking Followers Around Fire
Faber the Fervid had the crowd in the palm of his hand as he preached against the avaricious.

"Only through fire or austerity may your sins be purged!!" he railed, "If not now - then in the Everlasting After!!"

Suddenly a wall of flame rose behind his makeshift dais in the town square.  The crowd gasped and stepped back in the face of the heat.  Faber stood with the flame to his back, as if unaffected.

"Who among you care to test yourself against the purging flames of Arar?  For only the devout will pass though unharmed!" with that, Faber stepped back into the wall, a beatific look on his face.  Screams, cries, and faints came from the crowd, as the priest stepped back through, unharmed.

"Witness here, the power of faith and devotion upon these poor mortals who have chosen to follow the Way of Arar!"  Likewise, his two acolytes stepped through the wall, passing unharmed through and back, if not for a bit of smoldering....

"This is charlatan!" yelled a voice in the crowd, as a sturdy town guardsman stepped up.  "Nothing more than a sideshow trick!"

"Please, Master Reeve, you do not understand the power of Arar!" protested Faber.  "This is the fire of a god, not some poor conjurer's trick.  It is truly a cleansing fire!"

"Bah!" and with that the peasant stepped into the wall... and collapsed in screaming agony.  He was bundled away by a few men and goodwives.

The crowd gasped again, many prostrating themselves before these prophets of Arar.  Faber calmed the crowd.  "I am sure your neighbor is a good man; however, Arar is a strict judge, and even a strong soul as his was found wanting!  Perhaps greed has kept him from the true path, for Arar gives great merit to austerity."  The acolytes passed a tithing basket among the congregation, collecting the jingling contents of purses...

Tonight was a good haul.  The three saddled up and secured their collected coin (as well as a pair of chickens that had been offered up) and made good their departure before the flames faded (as well as the illusory damage to the hapless rube).

Flame Wall
Illusionist 4,
duration, 1 turn/caster's level

Creates a wall of flame, up to 60' long.  Useful for impressing the natives or creating a temporary barrier or distraction.
Causes illusory burn damage (save vs. spells negates), 2d4 HP/round of contact.  (Victim 'dies' at 0 HP, i.e. Faints)  Damage fades upon expiration or dispelling of spell.

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