Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random magic item: Seeing Eye Gem

Seeing Eye Gem: A magical gem or false eye used to replace a lost or injured eye.  Made of agate with a pupil and iris engraved upon the surface.

The gem will provide a random ability based on the below table:

1-10:  Normal vision
11-13: Darkvision (or improved darkvision, +25% range)
14:  Reduces surprise ("Eyes in the back of the head") - Reduced to 1 in 6 chance.
15: Detect evil/good, 1/day, as per spell. (1st level cleric or 2nd level magic user, depending on which box you're using.)
16: Protect from evil/good, 1/day, as per spell (1st level cleric or magic user - caster only)
17: Bullseye (+1 to hit for missiles)
18: Nazar (+1 save vs. spells)
19: +1 Protection (as Ring of Protection)
20:  Cross-eyed (-1 to-hits)

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