Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Recovering Traps with Illusion"

Topic Tuesday: Recovering Traps with Illusion

Snkt the Kobold was furious!  Brrzt had claimed Snkt’s masterpiece trap, the Scorpion Slinger, as his own!

Fortunately, Snkt had his original design drawings on tanned dog-skin, and retained the services of Gnomish barrister Lobik Bizzgear of Bizzgear, Finenozzle, Castfuzz, and Schwartz, LLP. 

With nary a blink, the gnome lawyer, a master of charm and misdirection, played on the jury’s fear and suggested the defendant’s mirage was madness, then in a scintillating burst of confusion, cutting down Brrzt’s false script, leaving the jury dazed and swayed to the evidence of Snkt’s garbled text and sending Brrzt down the lonely road.

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