Friday, March 14, 2014

"Studying Followers for Heaven or Hell"

Talysman, as "President" of the "OSR Blogowners Association", has made a campaign promise to tackle the problem of stale blogging topics.  Through the use, of course, of a Random Topic Generator.  I'm assuming that the topic is open to significant interpretation - discussion seeds w/r.t. roleplaying or GM-ing, as monster or NPC creation, adventure hooks, scenes, items or relics.

Today's Tuesday Topic: "Studying Followers for Heaven or Hell"

Here we have Followers of Heaven studying a Follower of Hell who studies, well, other Followers of Hell.


His Holy Father, the Padah of Ossrit, keeps the theocracy safe from the forces of Chaos through the studious and aggressive efforts of his Inquisitors.  These scholar-warriors carry with them voluminous knowledge of the myriads of demons, their powers, their influence and the cults held in thrall by these dark forces.  Through disciplined study and deduction, the Inquisitors root out the cults that threaten to undermine the Padah's heaven-sent order.

Follows is a portion of a transcript from the Book of Timnanhedael (colloquially known as "The Demon Census"), a required text memorized by the Padah's Inquisitors:

"Oramuzas: (also known as Xutireh's Judge, The Soultaster, or Dreamrobber)

... The demon Oramuzas walks through the minds of the fitfully dreaming initiates.  Onward he strides, trailing the shrapnel of memories and dreams ripped asunder by his Cloak of Blades and Shadow.

They have opened themselves to his astral wanderings during the Communion of the Black Orchid.  This is the final of the seven steps of initiation, as the cultists offer themselves to the demon judge, asking that he find them worthy.

Oramuzas has come to assess their value in the name of  His Dark Lord, Xutireh.

Oramuzas drags fragments of nightmares between the fevered minds of the acolytes, sensing their attraction or repulsion to each hallucination and craven image.  He wanders, touching the elements of the True Soul that are exposed in Dreamstate.  Oramuzas tastes the souls' essences, tallying which souls will rise in His Dark Lord's service, and which will merely serve as fodder to sate His voracious appetite.

In the morning, the acolytes wake, shaky and disoriented from the psychic violation and ordeal.  All will carry The Mark, a crimson bloom on their left temple.  Most will also carry the haunted look of prey."

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