Friday, March 7, 2014

This is what treasure looks like.

Ok, you killed the goblins.  You find in their bedding 101 silver pieces, a few pieces of broken jewelry, a couple of small silver ingots, and a silver cup...

"This is the whole Viking world in one cup. Discovered in 2007 by metal detectorists near Harrogate, the Vale of York Hoard is the largest and most important Viking hoard found in the British Isles in more than 150 years. It spectacularly shows the range of the Viking's global network that spanned four continents, captured at the moment this cup was buried in 927. The hoard includes coins and objects from Afghanistan, in the east, and Ireland, in the west, as well as Russia and Scandinavia, central Asia and western Europe. The hoard represents three belief systems – Islam, Christianity and the worship of Thor – and at least seven languages. The silver cup in which the hoard was buried was probably made for use in a French or German church, and was possibly looted in a Viking raid."


Yup, treasure hoards aren't pretty, or organized.  Coins from disparate sources, fragments of jewelry or precious metals stripped off larger works, mashed and mangled during their theft, transport, and hoarding. Make things a bit ugly - give them character.

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