Sunday, July 13, 2014

Invasive Species Part the 2nd (July 2014 RPG Blog Carnival)

Via Jim Garrison and the RPG Blog Carnivalling.

"Did you capture one of the beings that have colonized the East Shores?"

"Yes, we journeyed and caught one. They are called 'Man.' They are rather... durable."

"We've watched them for a Song Cycle. I believe that four of their generations have passed in that time.  And they are quite fecund."

"Yes, but quite fractious too. Since their arrival, the original population has split into two groups; one along the shore, one farther up the Ton'esto River. It seems to have something to do with the form of the sigil on their temples. They have fought one another in at least three armed conflicts in that time.  I doubt that they will last. No race that feeds on itself in such a way can persist."

"True, but the population in the Ton'esto is encroaching upon our groves. We should talk to the Council, deliberate on if we should act in some way."

"You know that they are never hasty. It takes a Cycle for them to decide anything."

"Agreed. Perhaps we bring it up at the Council Convocation at the beginning of the next Song Cycle."

"So we leave them be?"

"As I said, I don't see how they can last. What's the harm?"


  1. "What's the harm..." Oh boy. Not sure who these beings are, but they may be in for a nasty surprise well before the next song cycle ends...

    Good stuff!

    1. ha - true. Thinking elves, ents, or some other arrogant, long-lived species... who will find themselves up to their proverbial necks in those fractious primitives before they know it...