Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Lizardfolk for Black Hack

A few years back I wrote up a Lizardfolk as PC class for Swords & Wizardry (or similar oldish-style game rules), while playing around with the rules set and some race/class generation templates.

Since I'm currently playing a bit of The Black Hack, I did the scan for the class again, just for fun.  Although there are a few supplements with new old races available, I don't find their presentation to be as flavorful or evocative as the format of the original game.

In the original four game book character classes, each is provided with a a d6 'flavor' table, two options for starting kit, and roughly three to four class-specific skill sets/characteristics. So when I made up my "Whack Hack" batch of random character classes, I tried to emulate that original style as closely as possible. Each class should have their "special thing" without making them too out of line with the game style and other classes.

And I happen to have an affinity for B/X-ish race-as-class. So my lizardfolk are fearsome warriors, with an odd spiritual connection to their god, "Old Croc." Old Croc gives you a random spell each day. You don't know what it will be. It may be Speak with Animals or it could be Raise Dead. Who knows? After all, ineffable ancient reptile gods have their own agendas and premonitions. And lizardfolk are good swimmers, of course.

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So when you need a slightly monstrous warrior to wander into town, seeking adventure and fortune among the "monkeys," try a lizardfolk on for size.

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