Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Dragonborn for the Black Hack

Still here, still essential, so out and about in the big scary world now and then. Picked up a couple of online games with various folks, so that's been a fun distraction, as well...

Hope all of you are staying healthy and relatively sane, as well.  Good thoughts to all, folks.

And as CoronaCon2020 goes on, I convert another of the darlings of 4e/5e, the Dragonborn, over to The Black Hack...

Because why not? Because you want to play a big sexy fire-breathing brute! Yes.. you...

Here, our Black Hack version's d6 table is, naturally, the scale color and breath weapon of the PC. I bonused their physical attack a bit to reflect their size, but avoided giving them a 'dealer of death' type skill, particularly because of their having the breath weapon. They do get a bit of extra resilience to draw on for valient last stands and the like, which allows for some cinematic play. And Dragonborn PCs can use their appearance and bearing to their advantage in RP or interpersonal situations.

So try one on for size, and have fun. Let me know if a Dragonborn makes their way into your Black Hack game.

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