Sunday, November 1, 2015

Geomorph Contest - Buildings

Four entries this week for Joe's Geomorph contest, the theme this time to incorporate buildings:

A city market square - dominated by a huge enclosed market building, where vendors can drive their wagons and goods for sale within its shelter.  The building is surrounded by livestock pens, and a fountain dominates its front facade.  The square is surrounded by guild halls and the residences of the city burghers (inspired by Krakow's Cloth Hall).

A city's temple square, dedicated to the Cobalt Warrior, the city's legendary protector.  A blue ziggurat stands, flanked by massive statues of the Warrior and his leonine mount, the Siban.  Priests to the warrior's legacy-cult make sacrifices in his memory, and run races and other contests of skill in the arena facing the temple. Flagstone-paved boulevards surround the temple, and fruiting trees and flower gardens line promenades along the streets.

An outpost-village at a rural crossroads.  The crossroads is overlooked by a small motte-and-bailey, and is surrounded by a number of homes roofed in thatch or slate.  Several ancient dolmen flank the north road, and are thought to protect the village from evil incursions.  They glow bright blue under the Harvest Moon, but their true purpose has not yet revealed itself.

An arboreal village among the trees inhabited by a clan of affable wood elves.  Their treehouse village is connected by rope-bridge walkways over several forest paths.  The elves patrol the area against forest despoilers, and guide the lost back to their intended routes.

Update:  I won!

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