Sunday, November 22, 2015

One More Iron Spike. And Stuff

This is what happens when I don't write down my ideas and forget a list item:


17. Trepanning Spike: When driven into the skull of a victim of demonic or extra-planar possession, the possessing spirit will be expunged.  If the spike is left in place, it acts as insurance against future extra-planar attacks or possessions, as well as incorporeal attacks.  However, there are potential side-effects:

  1. Periodic debilitating migraines (5% chance per day), -2 all actions
  2. Short-term memory loss
  3. Personality change - Lawful/chaotic shift
  4. Loss of eye-hand coordination/dizziness (permanent -2 DEX) 
  5. Partial vision loss, or tunnel vision
  6. Speech impediments or loss of language skills
  7. Intelligence loss (permanent -2 INT)
  8. Erratic behavior - may include loss of empathy, mood swings, inappropriate outbursts, etc.
  9. Ringing in ears (inability to make listening checks, may not be able to hear whispered speech, or in loud environments)
  10. Fatigue/difficulty sleeping (25% chance of not regaining rest-based HP)

In other news, I won the last installment of Inkwell Ideas' Geomorph Map Contest, and got a swell set of Dungeonmorph dice, and copies of a couple collections of Matt Jackson's Moleskin Maps.  Thanks, guys!

And now back to cobbling something together for my Secret Santicore 'gift' request....

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