Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bag of Iron Spikes:

A Bag of Iron Spikes:

Scattered among the adventuring world's piles of mundane, utilitarian spikes, are a few that have been enchanted with exceptional abilities.

So, a dozen spikes, plus a few more:

1. Undead Control – Will allow command of an undead when driven into the body.  Doesn’t work on skeletons, for the practical reason that there is nowhere to embed it:
  • 1-6 - up to 2HP
  • 7-9 – up to 4 HD
  • 10-11 – Up to 6 HD
  • 12 – Up to 8 HD

Legends exist of spikes capable of powers over vampires or liches, but these would likely be nearly unique items.

2. Teleport – Allows the bearer to teleport themselves once per day, unfortunately the spike has to be embedded into the body of the user to be effective

3. Tree-spike – When driven into a forest's aged methuselah-tree, it will kill the forest within a ½ mile radius.  The bane of druids and forest elves.

4. Armored Door - When used to spike a door, it acts acts as wizard lock.  Alternatively, it could increase any door's damage resistance to be equivalent to a 2’ thick stone wall.

5. Lost Trail – When driven in a path during pursuit, the spike will act similar to confusion, diverting or misdirecting pursuit.

6. Mountain-climber – The spike, when driven into a sheer surface, will multiply to a line of pitons, up to 60 feet.  The line of spikes disappears by removal of final piton/spike.

7. Builder – When driven into a sufficient pile of wood or lumber, the spike will self-construct a cabin up to 10'x10'.

8. Ringer – When driven into stone, the spike creates a resonance that will allow a miner to detect veins of valuable stones or metals within 100'.

9. Bind Incorporeal – Holds an incorporeal being (up to 5HD).  Allows damage with non-magical weapons.

10. Water from Stone – When driven into rock, this will yield 1 gallon per use per day.

11. Mental Block – Secures a 50' radius area with ‘forgetfulness’ Useful for hiding large objects, up to small to moderate-sized buildings.

12. Long Pole – Converts to 10-foot pole, because why not?

13. Three Questions – When driven into a corpse, the bearer is allowed to ask three questions. However, the longer the corpse has been deceased, the user will be limited to simpler questions, and/or will receive more ambiguous answers.

14. Black Spike – When driven into the heart of a sacrificial victim, it will call one of the Unspeakable Gods for a period of one hour. The spike must not be disturbed during this time lest the Unspeakable inhabits the caller and terrorizes this plane of existence.

15. Stonewalker – When driven into a statue, it will rise and act as caryatid column.

16.  Fence - Creates a 20' long by 8' tall section of wrought-iron fencing.

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