Friday, January 9, 2015

Random magic item: The Spider Dress

Here's a lovely dress designed to respond to external stimuli that may be a perceived threat to the wearer.

The necromancer Baheni Qu'an designed a dress to defend against both unwanted suitors, and rivals. Incorporating both physical protection and more subtle devices, the gown is well-suited for situations where armor is inappropriate or unseemly.

Besides, haute couture demands an impressive and memorable entrance...

Her gown consists of a stiffened corset and gown constructed partially of polished giant orb-weaver bits. The burnished exoskeleton sections are structured to accentuate and form to the body, creating a alluring silhouette.

The 'collar' of the dress is its most striking feature (literally and figuratively) with several spider legs poised around the throat and shoulders in a dramatic halo. They appear slightly animated, waving and flowing as the wearer moves.

Incorporated into the fabric of the dress are numerous black opals.

The gems glow with their inner fire, and have been enchanted to become attuned to the intent/mental state of those around the wearer, sensing threats or aggression. The multiple gems are linked and 'triangulate' to track the threat and to ready defense or strike.

If the threat approaches too closely, or physically assaults the wearer, the undead spider legs, tipped with re-purposed fangs, will strike out to paralyze, or poison, the threat.

Spider Dress

Equivalent AC7/13 - atk - 1d4 fanged spider legs (as 3HD monster), wearer may select fatal poison or paralysis (2d6 turns) prior to defense response.

An alternate, cursed, version will cause the legs to activate and strike inward upon the correct stimuli or command word. Preferably, this occurs during a public event, where the shock will have the maximum effect, with bystanders watching the victim scream and thrash as the poisons course through their body. Perhaps an important message will be delivered that some gifts should be refused.

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