Friday, January 16, 2015

Monster: Pepper Dragon

Pepper Dragons

Pepper 'dragons' are not true dragons, but small flying reptiles. They are common near garden areas and wise gardeners will make their gardens hospitable for these tiny flying reptiles, as they eat insects and other garden pests.

Pepper dragons are masters of camouflage
They are named for both their resemblance to peppers, as well as their spitting defense, comprised of capsaicinoids accumulated in throat glands after nibbling on hot peppers. As such, a wise gardener will tolerate the loss of a few prized peppers in exchange for the general benefit provided by the dragons.  The creatures occur in red, yellow, and green.  They favor nests in hollow logs, and gardeners may make artificial nests in a hollowed log or small cask as an attraction for these benefactors.

The dragons are very territorial, and keep raiders out by buzzing, nipping and spitting 'pepper spray.' The pepper dragons' hatred for cats (their primary predators) is well-known, and they are famed for ganging up on cats and ripping out tufts of their fur for nesting material. They are also quite aggressive toward miscellaneous fairies, pixies, imps, brownies, redcaps, etc.

The little creatures will recognize 'their' gardener and regular visitors, and are generally affectionate, yet cautious, while flitting about someone tending their plot. Even if not visible, their high-pitched "song," like tinkling glass, may be heard in the shrubbery.

Halflings consider them good luck to have around, and anyone known to harm a pepper dragon is shunned.

Pepper Dragon:
HD: 1/2 HD (4hp)
AC: 2/18
Attack: Bite 1d2, Breath
Move: 6 (fly 18)
Save: 18
CL/XP: 1/15
Occurrence: 2d4
Special: Capsaicin pepper spray gland (save or blinded 1d4 turns)

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