Monday, January 12, 2015

Owen's Mine - Four visions.

So I proselytized some time back on the geology of mines and how their geometry might influence the creation of an underground environment or lair. I used Dyson Logos' Owen's Mine as what I considered a good example of a small mine environment. Since I'd suggested the influence and environment, I figured that I should come up with a few examples. This has been a slow-burn project behind work and life and such.

And I've already bollixed up one of Dyson's maps before, have four interpretations of Owen's Mine...

Owen's Mine
General notes: Tunnels are between 5 and 8 feet high, occasionally requiring stooping and affecting the mobility of taller characters. Measured from the crane elevator, vertical distances are: 30 feet to the first tunnel, 60 feet to the secret door, 100 feet to the right-hand lower tunnel, and 110 feet to the left-hand lower tunnel. The four scenes are statted using Swords & Wizardry, but are generic enough for any system.

Variation 1 - A small abandoned dwarven mine has been re-colonized by new tenants.

Variation 2 - The 'Temple of the Well' was a pilgrim site, with adherents coming from throughout the kingdom to be lowered to the sacred pool at the base of the well, with the hope of receiving a boon.  However, the area was overrun by barbarians, who pillaged, desecrated, and moved on. The well is still occupied, and worshiped in its own right by its new occupants.

Variation 3 - An alleged 'holy man' has been preaching along the roadside. However, goods and money have been disappearing, as well. He is suspected to be hiding in the abandoned mine. Another party of adventurers tried to root him out, but has not been seen since.

Variation 4 - Deep within an abandoned mine beneath an old temple is a unique bridge, possibly composed of powerful relics. Beware its guardian, though...

Have fun and comments welcome.  Thanks again to Dyson for his ongoing creativity and content.

*Update* - Thanks, Dyson, for the shout-out!  I really appreciate it!
And, I realized that I uploaded a draft of Variation 4, not my final version - So here's Variation 4a, with a different, more sinister, guardian,....

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