Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Are The Orcs Pissed Off?

With apologies to Jasoin Sholtis' Dungeon Dozen lists...

1. Flower arranging class cancelled.
2. Gnolls horning in on lucrative human-skin wallet trade.
3. Elves taste funny this season.  Some blame new organic lembas.
4. Goblin sit-in and the whole "Occupy Dungeon" movement.
5. Kobold practical jokes wearing thin.
6. Dungeon overlord cutting back on health care benefits.
7. Adventurers tricked them, promised that they would be back with pie.
8. Other orc tribe just got this year's newest model of riding wolves.
9. Shriekers kept them up all night with false alarms.
10. Ogre mage is being a total prima dona about the freshness of spell components that they are to collect.
11. Mad wizard showing favoritism to bugbears.
12. Pet otyugh has gas.

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