Monday, February 17, 2014

More contesting

As a born-again noob to gaming, I'm astounded at the creativity out there.  Actually, no, I'm not - I'm fully aware that there are wonderfully creative people in all endeavors - some professionally, some simply laboring in their garrets, creating content for their own satisfaction or to share.  That said, I AM impressed by the creativity out there.  And of course, I'd like to hone my own creativity.  I used to write, years ago, and found one of the ways to focus was through contest entries - usually crafted around some sort of theme, and most importantly, around a deadline for entries. So when I've found a gaming contest, I've taken the effort to enter - even if my current efforts are fairly rudimentary, it's good to have the structure, and we'll see if something comes of it.

So... The prolific Dyson Logos is sponsoring the Dungeon of Lost Coppers, wherein he provided a 'seed' map:

with the assignment to complete the dungeon ... Took a few drafts, with elements saved, or discarded each round.  Ended up with a complex with a labyrinth, cavern network, and hidden throne room for someone...

All 63 entries in a gallery here:  The number of interpretations are quite cool, especially the number that integrate water - either within the dungeon, or incorporating the dungeon space as an island. 

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