Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Page Dungeon

One of the challenges for any writer is brevity.  I've always considered the short story to be one of the more challenging narrative forms - build a world, create characters with strengths, weaknesses, backstories, put them in a challenging environment or against a problem - mix thoroughly.  And do it in 5000 words or less.

Likewise, adventure creation can be complex verbose, or compact and sparse, yet with depth and detail.

Enter the One-Page Dungeon Contest.  For the sixth year - create a fully fleshed out adventure, and make it fit on a single-sided piece of paper (without too much trickery).  

I found the contest when looking for free resources last year and put together my entry (below) - a fair effort, but I'd been away from creative endeavors for quite a while, and the competition is very stiff (and very creative).  Anyway, here's last year's feeble effort - 

This year's is formulating in the back of my skull, so I'm not sure yet what direction it will take yet...  Anyway, the deadline this year is April 30, so get cracking, folks.

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