Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dungeon Geomorph Contest

Mapper extraordinaire Matt Jackson linked to Joe Wetzel's  page announcing a bi-weekly Dungeon Geomorph Contest.

Map up a 10x10 grid using the proffered theme of the particular contest.  This first installment is 'Thrones.'  Entries for the first installment were due the 20th.

Cobbled mine together between housecleaning and packing episodes in preparation of vacation...

Hidden within the heart of the dungeon is the throne of a paranoid overlord - a disk suspended over a bottomless shaft by massive chains. The overlord, and perhaps a trusted adviser, hold forth here within an anti-magic shell, only dropping it to levitate a chosen few across. Foolhardy assassins may attempt to leap or climb across, but none have succeeded, their screams fading into the inky depths.


B&W/no grid

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