Monday, March 1, 2021

Redcaps, and fun with spaces...

Might as well release the next small adventure out into the wild. This was a fun map to fill out and consider. I don't necessarily pick maps for a particular 'story,' but more as inspiring spaces, where I can look at a layout and say, "Yeah, I can work with this." Sometimes the story comes with the first glance-  a space that implies a goal or use, a big-bad's lurkum... This map's interconnected chambers and "missing" bridge spoke of a harassing foe, and chances to double back.

Monsters can fight smart. More clever creators and authors than I can line out all the how's and whys. So here's a space occupied by a bunch of sneaky buggers who can use the loops and passages, as well as a couple of their own skills, to harass and wear down a party. Even in a relatively small arena, depletion of an incautious party can come quickly with a clever foe. And especially one who knows the ins and outs of the space.


So send your players to root out some Damn Redcaps. Really, it should be a quick in and out job...



  1. Very, very cool. Always love to see what you come up with from what I draw, especially some of the squiggles I put on there randomly that you latch onto and turn into something cool.

    1. "the squiggles I put on there randomly" is quite a way to describe your maps... ;)