Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Taking a Rest Stop at Longtooth

 Two post in two days? What madness is this?

Well, Shane made up a 'five-minute map' of a wide spot in the road named Longtooth (although "Village" is a bit of an optimistic appellation).  

And I figured I could do a five-minute (well, 45-minute) writeup to give a name and purpose for each of the residents.

So here it is.

A one-page village with descriptors of the occupants of each of the seven buildings. No stat blocks, just some quick and dirty whos and whys for some idea seeds. Somewhere for your PCs to take a break along the road, or perhaps they just stepped off the Longtooth ferry from points unknown to find themselves in this dusty huddle of buildings. 




  1. So Awesome: I second that motion.

    The very name Longtooth begets a question about old wolves . . .

    1. True, I didn't delve into potential name sources, and haven't asked Shane his rationale.

    2. It just seemed like a good name 😜. No thought process. I like putting 2 words together, a description and thing word. I like the wolf idea.