Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Lost Tomes 7 - Oddball Spellbooks

1d12 crap spellbooks:

Some of these could be most awesome for your mage to find, but most are simply white elephants.  Have fun...
  1. Mica-leafed, heavy and fragile, requires a special polarized lens to read the inscribed spells. Typically used for uncommon spells of illusionist or evocation nature.
  2. Written on the hide of a living wild steer. Common to the plains herbimancers. The spells are only viable as long as the bovine remains alive. The spellbook is generally docile, but large and awkward, not suited for subterranean travels.
  3. Shells strung on thongs, the spells glowing iridescent within the mother of pearl. Rattley.
  4. A bag of prisms. Spells may only be read by projection through a specialized lamp. Typically houses illusions. 
  5. A puzzle-cylinder, requiring proper alignment of the rings to make spells legible.
  6. Quiver of animated quills - the selected quill will dance and write out the spell for memorization. Using these quills to create scrolls will require half effort/resources.
  7. Mimic! The critter impersonated a mage's spellbook and was inadvertently dictated upon. Requires food/cajoling to convince it to manifest the desired spell pages.
  8. Spell-infused tobaccos, requires smoking to memorize/absorb the desired spell knowledge. Probably need to get hooked up with a halfling dealer to replenish the particular blends. 
  9. Jug of skittering, metallic beetles. Spells are scribed upon their jeweled wings. A pain to sort and grab. Possibly bitey.
  10. Bones of a deceased mage, the spells that were held in their mind at time of death are now permanently etched upon the surface of the bones. 
  11. Scroll that magically lengthens to allow inscription of any new spell. Never runs out of parchment.
  12. Multidimensional hypercube requiring specific twistings and manipulations to "pull" the desired spell page into user's dimension.
Have at it, and remember to feed the spellboook....