Thursday, August 22, 2019

"Sinking Temple of Gorth"

Hi all! Back from a fun weekend at Dragonflight 40, killing monsters and taking their stuff. Played with some familiar faces, met a few new folks, and didn't realize I was rolling with another local blogger until after the fact - good to meet you, JB - your "Random B/X Headgear Generator" is required for all my char-gen.

So, another quick statting of a Daniel Walthall map, this time his "Sinking Temple of Gorth"

So, a couple of design notes- I renumbered the rooms, as the original sequence is out of order (to me). While I populated it with only one set monster and one puzzle/trap, the time pressure of the flooding chambers should provide some good tension (along with whatever wandering stuff tunnels in at an inappropriate moment). And you never know if/when the water flow into the temple will increase...

So take a look, feel free to play/comment/tweak.  Statted out using Swords & Wizardry, but playable/adjustable for any old-ish system.


  1. Ha! Good to meet you, too, Vance. Hope I wasn't too big of an ass at the table.
    ; )

    1. Nope! And was good to chat between games as well - Little did I know that you were at the table as I was rolling up headgear for my halfling (bare-headed: short, stylish). Agreed, con game table energy can be a bit 'off' with one-shots and disparate folks. Per your blog - hope that you can reconnect with the muse and passion, via D&D or other routes. I can appreciate the challenge of keeping energy and inspiration - not so much through gaming, but from the "lifetime athlete" perspective, as well. Anyway - we're around for rolling and telling lies, as appropriate!