Saturday, June 21, 2014

One Dungeon, Four (mini) Adventures (Happy Free RPG Day, 2014)

Wherein I select one of Dyson's maps and come up with several scenarios for it...

I had these hiding in a notebook as a small writing/scenario-creation exercise for different interpretations of a single map, as well as practice working within the one-page format.

Here, we have the quiet village of Brenton's Bend, built up near an abandoned keep.  A recent collapse of a tower has exposed a hidden access to a small dungeon and its associated threats and/or mysteries...

Having a village and associated environment allows for a bit of local politics on top of the mystery - I populated a few semi-random locals with minor back-stories or interactions, as well as the dungeon.  Also added is the requisite rumor mill.  The dungeon was a bit of a challenge to populate, as it is essentially a small loop - which makes it difficult to place the traditional big-bad or endgame deeper in the complex, so I took a couple of different approaches:

1.  A past rebellion and exiled duke leads to mysterious doings at the old fort.

2.  A mysterious mechanical creature is destroyed by townsfolk - where did it come from? Are there more? Are they threats or tools?

3. Someone or something has been raiding the farms and waterfront.  Did it come from the keep, or is it just residing there?

This one was inspired by this little guy:
and of course, the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.

4. Dang kids, always wandering off...