Thursday, June 5, 2014

What's up with the NPC Party?

Your party may not be the only intrepid group of adventurers within the dungeon.  A flickering torch and hushed voices are seen/heard down a corridor...

1. Retreating from dungeon - forces diminished, spells used, out of potions, cleric dead.
2. Have secured the item/objective sought by the party
3. Seeking the item/objective sought by the party (cooperative)
4. Seeking the item/objective sought by the party ( belligerent)
5. Willing to ally with party (Intend to betray or waylay the party.  The party is just meatshields to them.)
6. Outwardly hostile or belligerent...
7. No reaction. " 'sup guys..."
8. Running from something big.  It may be a good idea to run, too...
9. Just cleared the level.  4 in 6 chance that traps and hazards have been marked or sprung.  4 in 6 chance that any treasure has been collected.
10. Retreating from a deeper level, see #9.
11. Lost/disheveled/resources spent. Will attempt to sponge off party ("Got anything to eat?")
12. Allied/parlayed with dungeon denizens, PC party not aware of 'arrangements', may betray established order.

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