Saturday, June 8, 2024

"Brother Odom's Crypt" - An Encounter Area From Our Campaign

Last session, our band of miscreants came upon a tomb inhabited by an undead knight of an old order. They have encountered such undead warriors before, so delved in to see if they could recruit said knight to their cause. The knight, although handicapped, was willing to join. However, the party found that his soldiers had been corrupted by other organisms, and a fight was had. 

So sharing a slightly revised version of the quick encounter area that I sketched up for the party. 

As clearly shown...

The original map was drawn by prolific creator u/Raznag. I have a handful of his pieces, and this is the first one that got scribbled on. So we have a small, linear crypt with a mushroom-filled cavern. Perfect for a resting crusader and his corrupted colleagues.

Original map here

I made a quick "finished" dungeon from the session map. Elements of the scenario (deity, relic, and faction) are obviously from our campaign, but could be adjusted for your play. The "fungal wraiths" are co-opted from my "Banshee's Tower" adventure, which two of the players have helped to clear. Enjoy.

Welcome to Brother Odom's Crypt

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