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D66 Warriors and their Quirks

Time for another D66 list - Warriors to encounter, whether on the road, the battlefield, or the tavern. I think it took me longer to pick names than come up with the archetypes. Names are somewhat relevant to the particular warrior's kit, and male/female options are provided, with a couple of exceptions ;) 


D66 Warriors

11 Alexios/Philyra: Bronze panoply, xiphos, spear
12 Klaas/Gerhild: Mismatched plate, horse, lance
13 Ciniath/Modwen: Naked, painted blue, oval shield, broadsword
14 Skauvalf/Briendeg: Chainmail briefs/bikini, ancestor's sword
15 Reinier/Polonia: Fabulous hair, rapier, ruffled shirt, mirror
16 Titus/Volusenna: Lorica segmentata, gladius, horsehair plumed helmet
21 Melchior/Delia: Heavy crossbow, kettle helm, pavise, shieldbearer
22 Delwin/Rhian: Longbow, rondel dagger, bag of looted silverware
23 Yargai/Sokhatai: Shaggy pony, composite bow, fur hat
24 EN-247/EN-248: NBC-resistant powered armor, phased plasma rifle, 40-watt range
25 Ferdinand/Rosalinde: Zweihander, steel cuirass, hat with impressive plume
26 Vocorix/Sigesinda: Falx, lye-bleached hair, carnyx
31 Ciriacu/Artemisa: Murmillo armor, spatha, rudis
32 Thorbjorn/Ulfheid: Daneaxe, horned helmet, chainmail, braids
33 Vithimiris/Malasintha: Skull-faced helm, black spiky plate, serrated longsword
34 Galeran/Rousalie: Pot helm, tabard w/ holy symbol, mace
35 Caiden/Matilda: Kilt, claymore, buckler, bagpipes
36 Zelotes/Sofija: Straw hat, sling, bag of lead shot, tunic
41 Hrafnvartr/Skogrdrifa: Bearskin, round shield with toothmarks, axe, magic mushrooms
42 Iobates/Kastalia: Wicker shield, javelins, Phrygian cap
43 Ovechkin: Giant maul, equally large mustache
44 Balthasar/Nastaran: Scale mail, spear, Thracian helm
45 Tlexicmac/Xihuipin: Padded tlahuiztli suit, macuahuitl, jaguar headdress, death whistle
46 Krukk/Vura: Fire-hardened spear, skins, bear tooth necklace
51 Kagawa/Uesugi: Lamellar armor, goblin-face helmet, katana
52 Thoth-hotep/Hent-kherpu: Chariot, kopis, recurve bow, cool gold and lapis necklace
53 Mnqobi/Nozizwe: Oval shield, thrusting spear, leopard-skin cape
54 Alessio/Ginevra: Halberd, motley, lobsterback helm
55 Mahesh/Chandrika: Robes, iron-bound staff, book of koans
56 Cragark/Ordava: Club, alligator-skin breechclout, flint knife
61 Ambaxius/Vrogenia: Plaid trousers, wooden shield, two spears, gold torq
62 Reinhold/Ludwina: Pair of swords, boiled leather cuirass, domino mask, cape
63 Vojavona: Blowgun, penis gourd, frog venom
64 Otaktay/Chlumani: Leather breechclout, selfbow, spiked club, eagle feather
65 Hamakona/Makutu: Face tattoos, club, skirt
66 Guillaume/Seinfrie: Chainmail hauberk, nasal helm, kite shield, spear

Gotta have Red

And as a bonus, the particular quirk of each to randomly select:

D66 Quirks
11 Afraid of spiders
12 Carries lucky horseshoe
13 Allergic to stirges
14 Talks to invisible friend
15 Carried skull of vanquished enemy
16 Journal with pressed flowers
21 Journal with pressed fairies
22 Bundle of love letters from various cities
23 Missing fingers
24 Smells like cheese
25 Dogs don't like them
26 Knows a lot of bird calls
31 Collection of elven erotic poetry
32 Signet ring, not from their family
33 Heretical thoughts regarding major religion
34 Nervous tic
35 Coughing fit/vomits before battle
36 Always carries extra socks
41 Always cold
42 Always hot
43 Hates cats
44 Obsessively sharpens weapons
45 Pet rat in pouch
46 Missing nose
51 Hypochondriac, carries ineffective potions
52 Never bathes
53 Meticulous care of footwear
54 Draws smiley faces in blood
55 Addicted to the lotus
56 Will bet on anything
61 Unrecognizable foreign accent
62 Drunkard
63 Pessimist, worrier
64 Constant talker
65 Smokes pipe
66 Sings hymns, off-key


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