Friday, April 19, 2024

D66 Things Found in a Wizard's Tower

More D66 wackiness, this time what's knocking around in the labs, closets, and/or junk drawers in the abode of one of those arcane miscreants:  

D66 Things in a Wizard's Tower

"The Tower" by Ian Miller

11: Basket of 1st level spell scrolls used for fireplace tinder
12: Apprentice, smoldering, eyebrows scorched off, haunted look
13: TI-84 pocket calculator
14: Animated housewares, currently on strike
15: Bundles of expended wands
16: Uranium 235, probably not properly contained
21: Fairy choir in iron cage used as musical doorbell
22: Frozen caveman
23: Apprentice, inside-out
24: Jars of powdered gems
25: Taxidermied basilisk for practical jokes
26: Mirror showing pocket dimension
31: Clone of self, speaks in reverse
32: Drugs. Lots of drugs.
33: Uplifted ape valet
34: Orrery, not of the local solar system
35: Wall of pointy hats
36: Lighting in a jar
41: Elaborate absinthe distilling equipment
42: Imp on a leash
43: Sandbox containing microscopic civilization that worships them as a god
44: Deck of Many Things, marked
45: Discarded pile of scorched armor and magic swords
46: Star charts and telescope, tomorrow's horoscope
51: 9mm Luger pistol
52: Failed experiment: Rope with One End
53: Scrolls with typos (Sheep, Protection From Emil, Floating Dick, Contusion)
54: Mechanical parrot that records 30 second long messages after cheep
55: Time traveler, just chilling
56: Sentient meteorite
61: Demon in French maid outfit
62: Magic mushroom grow-op
63: Apprentice, trapped in amber
64: Book of card tricks
65: Apprentice, DNA merged with fly
66: Comfy slippers

"I wanna show you a trick Mother showed me when you
weren't around to use on special occasions like this."

Download the whole mess here

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