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D66 Random Backgrounds and Minor Perks

Because I'm procrastinating, and because it's a fun diversion, have another D66 list. This time, "what did your PC do before getting into this lucrative life?" Complete with some perks. Some better than others. I'm sure some are duplicates of the myriad background lists already out in the world, but hopefully a few are unique by accident...

“Peasants” by Willem van de Velde I

D66 random backgrounds and minor perks

Ability/skill descriptions are left generic to allow modifications to specific game systems or as appropriate to your table.

11: Poacher: Start with roll of snare wire. Good chance to trap small game.
12: Fence: Improved chance to get a better return from any traded valuable.
13: Urchin: Improved chance to not be noticed in a crowd. Moderate pickpocket skills
14: Merchant: Improved chance to talk down/haggle price of items.
15: Fisherman: Start with net, filet knife, and inaccurate ruler. Good chance to secure rations from waterways.
16: Drover: Start with riding horse or pack mule. Knows horseflesh, can pick best riding or draft animals.
21: Shepherd: Start with staff, 1d6 sheep, and hyperactive herding dog.
22: Tanner: Odorous. Start with skinning knife. May skin and preserve hides of any game or monsters slain.
23: Farmer: Start with pitchfork, bag of seed, and a chicken.
24: Town Crier: Good chance at picking up rumors/gossip in town.
25: Brewer: Start with cask of ale, pouch of brewers yeast. Knows good water.
26: Barman/maid: Never forgets a face. Improved chance to talk down belligerent foe without force.
31: Tailor: Start with sewing kit. Can repair or make articles of clothing.
32: Barber: Start with scissors, razor, combination hair tonic/disinfectant, and bandages. May stabilize unconscious PC, improve natural healing.
33: Baker: Start with rolling pin, bag of flour, pouch of yeast. Can prepare rough bread with appropriate grain or nuts.
34: Butcher: Start with cleaver. Can prepare maximum rations from stock or game animals.
35: Bounty Hunter: Start with sheaf of wanted posters, crossbow, manacles, and bloodhound.
36: Sailor: Start with cutlass and 50' rope. Can handle a small boat, crew on larger.
41: Soldier: Start with shield, kettle helmet, and spear.
42: Acolyte: Start with holy symbol, vial of holy water, and prayer book.
43: Magician's Apprentice: Start with one random 1st level spell, usable once/day. Might fail.
44: Sewer Rat: Improved to-hit/damage against vermin, disease resistant.
45: Mudlark: Chance to find a random useful item while searching an area.
46: Linkboy: Start with a lantern on a pole.
51: Blacksmith: Start with hammer and tongs, whetstone. Can sharpen/repair weapons, chance to repair metal armor.
52: Forester: Start with felling axe. Decreased chance to get lost in the woods.
53: Carpenter: Start with saw, square, brace and bit. Knows woodwork.
54: Mason: Start with hammer, chisel, and level. Knows stonework.
55: Grave Digger: Start with shovel. Improved to-hit/damage against undead.
56: Gong Farmer: Odorous. Resistant to disease, immune to nausea.
61: Night Watchman: Start with club, whistle, bundle of torches. Decreased chance of surprise.
62: Noble: Start with signet ring, nice sword, extra cash. Chance to know the “right people” in any city.
63: Courtier: Start with perfume and makeup. Chance to talk their way to the “right people” in any city.
64: Wiseguy: Start with a stiletto and sap. Chance to “know a guy” in any city.
65: Ratcatcher: Start with bundle of rat traps and small fierce terrier.
66: Copyist: Start with ream of parchment, ink and quills. Literate, +1 language.

PDF of List

“Silhouette of a king in procession with courtiers and page” by John Bennett

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