Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Monster: Damned Horses

"Yeah, when the riding animals start fighting, we're in new territory" - Frederick

The party heard the sounds of struggle and battle through the trees. Rushing forward, they glimpsed four mounted warriors in a desperate fight against an unequal number of Chaos mutants, some on foot, some mounted. As they watched, one of the warriors was dragged from his horse and slain.

"Are we heroes today?" "I guess so.."

The skulky characters quickly assessed the scene, fading away to target the apparent leaders of the foes, as the elf and a couple of henchmen readied bows and spells to pick off the soldiers...

Slick and Flick made their ways around the melee, getting into position to shank the Chaos knight on his warhorse. Out of the corner of his eye, Slick saw the robed figure struggling with Frederick as he reappeared. Now! Slick leapt, stabbing between the knight's plate, as his companion flanked from the opposite side. Gravely wounded, the knight reeled in his saddle as his warhorse instinctively wheeled to seek the threat.

Slick looked up to see the horse rear with a horrid scream and glaring red eyes. A pair of iron-shod hooves sprouting what appeared to be rooster spurs came down on him, hard, nearly sending him to the Other Side...

... And that is how my party became aware of the Damned Horses. Like many of their Chaos foes, the horses have also been mutated to become "more perfect" in the eyes of the Maker.
All Damned Horses by Rigardatta

Chaos warriors and mages ride out from the mountain stronghold-labs on their fierce horses: dark, scaled, sprouting hog-bristles, obvious fangs or rooster spurs. Like the other Chaos forces, they have been twisted by the vivimancy of the Maker. Some even carry similar fervent energies as their riders, entering combat with the same deadly zealousness and resolve.

Damned Horse, Riding: Will not accept other riders except its own, will fight as long as its rider is mounted. If the rider is unhorsed or slain, the horse will tend to flee rather than fight unless cornered.

AC 6/13; HD 3 (13hp); Atk: [+2 to hit]: 2x hoof (1d6) + either bite (1d6) or spurs (hoof+2); Movement: 240/80'; Morale 7

Damned Horse, War: Will not accept other riders except its own. Even if the rider is unhorsed or slain, the horse will likely fight to the death in a blind fury. Somewhat intelligent, Damned War Horses have been known to stalk foes in revenge for the loss of their masters.

AC 6/13; HD 4 (17hp); Atk: [+3 to hit]: 2x hoof (1d8) + either bite (1d6) or spurs (hoof+2); Movement: 120/40'; Morale 9
  • Charge: When not in melee. Requires a clear run of at least 20 yards. Rider’s lance inflicts double damage. Horse cannot attack when charging.
  • Melee: When in melee, both rider and horse can attack.

Caution: Use of Damned Horses in your game may cause ongoing equine trauma by certain thieves targeted by such critters.

What could be over the horizon? ...

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