Sunday, July 18, 2021

OPD 2021

 One Page Dungeon Contest time again, and my brain was empty. I've entered consistently since 2013, and having a deadline always helps creativity.

(Shuffles around in his collection of downloaded maps)...

What's this?

blame Jackson

Well, I had a space to work with, and a title. And somehow, in my notes, there needed to be the potential for encountering drug-addled unicorn-folk revelers. That's what random tables are for.

A compact 'adventure' area with a built-in mini-game in the vein of the classic "case the joint and dlo a heist." Bribe folks, buy information, figure out how to get the McGuffin and get out, and maybe clear a bit of extra cash for yourself. Who knows?

Here ya go: Have A Cigar