Saturday, July 24, 2021

Just a quick dungeon stocking exercise

Not too long ago, I watched Daniel of Bandit's Keep roll up a random dungeon to illustrate the process.  I, too, am a proponent of the Moldvay 2d6 method, so this wasn't a new approach, but it's always good to see how someone else utilized the method. And a follow-up actual play, where he ran his players through the creation, was a fun bookend on the process. 

And this morning, I watched Red Dice Diaries quick dungeon generation video, which spurred me to do a bit of quick-and-dirty dungeon populating. 

Ok, I have an hour(-ish). Let's see what I can do.

Scrounge a Dyson map of approximately five rooms, and hit a few random generators for aid. Mostly rolled up general room contents by Moldvay 2d6, adjusting as it seemed appropriate. Treasure was rolled via the OSE generators, and occupants, unless noted, are bone-stock OSE. A couple other generators aided in color.

Addendum: Clearly notated map for rooms and details:

Numbered map for key: 


1. A worn statue to Phaarus, god of massacre guards the entrance. The statue is carved of black stone, depicting a tall man with a head covered in bony plates, and wearing garments made of the bones of the dead.

2. The room was once a meeting hall, but has long been stripped of anything of value. Faded and damaged frescoes show scenes of the god lording over the deaths of innocents and vanquished soldiers. A few broken crates are scattered about, apparently formerly containing provisions or trade goods. A locked closet is filled with dusty jars. One contains 200sp and a potion of levitation. Running water can be heard down the corridor to the northeast.

3. A rough alcove on the west wall hold an alter to the worship of Phaarus. Four gnolls crouch here, snickering in their rough language, while offering up a number of severed hands as tribute. A shallow alcove at the north end of the room shows evidence of a removed statue or figure.

4. Rough stone steps lead to the bank of a subterranean river. Claw marks are visible in the sand. There is a 2 in 6 chance that anyone investigating the river will attract the attention of a giant crayfish (as giant crab). It will surprise intruders to its territory on a 3 in 6.  

5. A rough cavern has been hollowed out by some burrowing creature, now absent. A pile of bones, chitin, and nesting material fills the eastern end of the borrow.

6. A two-level room contains a monolith depicting Phaarus. The monolith is on an unstable footing, with a 2 in 6 chance to topple on someone investigating it (2d4 damage, requires 25 combined strength to lift from a trapped victim). Beneath the monolith is a coffer containing 100sp and 300gp.

7. A former small shrine is empty but for three broken columns. 

8. The chamber's southwest corner has been eroded away, falling into the river. The room contains some broken furniture. It is occupied by a gnoll shaman, Drogakk Barkclaw (as gnoll except: 4HD, spells: magic missile, protection from good, hold person) and his two gnoll guards. If the PCs encountered the giant crayfish (Area 4), the shaman will be warned of their intrusion. The shaman carries a pouch containing three gems of 100, 500, and 1,000gp value.


Ok, maybe closer to two hours, but I stopped and had a snack.

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