Sunday, December 8, 2019

Come on in, the lava's fine!


Damn, I've been unproductive/uncreative for over a month. Blame the seasonal change, family, general malaise, something.

So I needed to hammer out something to get back on the writing horse. Thankfully, and as I've mentions before, Daniel Walthall creates some compact, yet evocative maps of adventure spaces.  And his "Lava Caves of Tarko" popped up on my feed at an opportune time. Again, a good six-room dungeon, with pre-established environmental hazards and a bit of a maze to negotiate...

So I stuck a goal at the end of a maze, and threw in a few incendiary dudes from one of my favorite AD&D modules. The setup is pretty system-neutral, but I did toss in the usage die mechanic from the Black Hack for one item, to perhaps add a bit of tension in its use in a tight spot...

Have at it, and remember to stay hydrated!