Sunday, October 6, 2019

New Black Hack classes...

Hi all - just uploaded to DrivethruRPG my take on eight classes for The Black Hack: Alchemist, Bard, Monk, Ninja, Plague Doctor, Ranger, Tiefling, and Warlock.

I tried to emulate David's original tone and style, as well as make each class simple and unique as befitting the game. 

PWYW on DriveThru -

So take a look and throw a coin in the tip jar if you are so inclined.  Thanks!

I also uploaded a significant revision to my homage to B1, "Vobleavira Haven Complex"

I added encounters, cleaned up some text and consistency, and hopefully made this an improved and more playable product.


  1. Looking good Vance and thanks for your ongoing call ins

  2. So seemingly I'm appearing as unknown, instead of Spikepit. I should try to fix this.

    1. hey, there you are! thanks for the shout-out and be sure to let me know if any of my misbegotten character classes make it into one of your BH games!