Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Oneiromancer Class

I really need to keep up on my writing projects.  This one languished way too long as a random list of scribbled notes, then various drafts on the drive. 

Anyway, here's an arcanist who works and plays in the world of sleep, along with a short selection of spells particular to the subclass...

"An arcane student of sleep- and dream-manipulation, the Oneiromancer dwells in the unreality of the unconscious, effecting dream manipulation, recuperative spells, augury and the potential manipulation of outcomes..."

Posted up for free/PWYW on RPGNow for your review.  Enjoy!

Back to Inktober scribbles...


  1. Thank you for this work! It's fresh and uncommon for fantasy. The Oneiromancer can be very destabilizing for an experienced team. Fortunately, the range of his spells is limited to one person. It would be a deadly threat if it could influence the dreams of an entire city!

    1. yes, I want to expand the spell list. having more area-effect spells is a good suggestion