Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cerantai, a seafarer's goddess

A petty goddess to add to the pantheon - inspired by this animation:

(slightly nsfw for nekkid cartoon butt and boobs...)

Name: Cerantai: Goddess of the Hanged Sailor
Symbol: An octopus riding a broom
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Movement: 60' (fly)
Armor Class: 6
HP/HD: 38/8 (Cerantai): 20/4 (head-octopus)
Attack: Octopus tentacle slap (up to 6/round)
Damage: 1d3, successful called hit to foe's weapon hand will disarm
Save: M10
Morale: 10
Treasure: nil
XP: 2,400

Cerantai appears as a naked maiden, riding a broom, and wearing an octopus on her head.  Theories differ on whether the octopus is a symbiote, or merely hitching a ride.  In either case, the cephalopod appears to act as her protector and silent adviser, defending her from unwanted attentions, and keeping a critical eye out over his charge.

Doomed and accursed ships are drawn through certain rifts to distant, otherworldly banks populated by the corpses of wrecked ships.  Treasure and loot lines the dark shores, but gold is of no interest to Cerantai.  Rather, she seeks more spiritual treasure.  Accompanied by a hung trio of ghostly musicians, she finds hapless sailors, hung from masts, whose spirits still writhe within their corpses.

Waiting for the correct play of moonlight and shadow upon the newly-arisen hulk, the trio begin to play a song of longing and hope. The spirit in the hanged man will come alert. Disoriented, he swings from the rigging, confused at his consciousness and limbo-like state.

Ceantai initially approaches the sailor in the guise of a giant octopus, offering the hung man a musical instrument.  She will then reveal herself, to assess if he takes the cue.

She will be unimpressed by the hanged man's tales of derring-do, accumulations of wealth, or other charms.  Likewise, she will not be bullied or threatened (any threats are enforced/repulsed by her octopus headdress).

However, if he takes the proffered instrument, and can play with appropriate spirit and pathos to pique her interest, she may tarry for a bit.  If the music is substantial enough to draw her in, and cause her to set foot on the derelict ship, then the sailor has passed his test.  The lost soul is carried away, to certain comforting rewards, prior to be escorted to paradise.

Those who do not meet her approval, however, will hang from their rigging forever, languishing in the haunted banks.

Reaction (1d12): 
Adjusted for musical prowess (no attempt: -2; poor: 0; good: +2: excellent: +4)
1-2 : Offended or threatened; head-octopus will slap the bejeezus out of you, leaves the doomed soul hanging.
3-5: Neutral; head-octopus will be suspicious, defensive
6-8: Curious, interested; head-octopus will be suspicious, defensive
9-10: Flirting, coquettish; head-octopus will be suspicious
11-12: Welcoming; head-octopus will be grudgingly accepting.

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