Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dayden Fort: Staffing a Dyson Logos joint.

Via the indomitable Dyson Logos, a stout roadside fortress, which needs a brief write-up and scenario.

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Dayden Fort watches the South Road leading to the Citadel at Sabre Lake.

The fort is commanded by Halvard Gega (FTR 7, 28 HP, plate, Longsword+1 ['Hellbringer - foes slain by this blade are consumed in flames], 411 gp, gems worth 30, 40, 60, 110, 130 gp, potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of remove fear). Halvard appears to be a loyal subject to the Lord of the Citadel, but chafes at being passed over for command of the Citadel Gatehouse, a promotion he felt he deserved, if it weren't for political pandering by his colleagues.  So now, he festers away in this tiny frontier redoubt, watching an isolated ford along the South Road for merchants to toll, Adaqian spies and smugglers of hallucinogenic 'dragon-bark'.

Gega has been sitting in the watchtower, thinking treasonous thoughts. Over the last two years, he has manned his fort with soldiery recruited for their sympathy to his dissatisfaction with the Citadel. Gega has coordinated with Adaqian co-conspirators to throw open the fort's gates in two week's time to an expeditionary force of heavy horse and light infantry, allowing them a beachhead and command post for a subsequent push across the frontier between the two realms.

Forces billeted at the fort:
Sergeants (2) - Both are loyal to Gega and his plot, having served with him in campaigns and at the Citadel.
Fel Deorm, FTR 4: 19 HP, plate, Flail +1, hand axe, 163 gp, gems worth 12, 60 gp, potion of spider climb, potion of cure light wounds.
Reia Chan, FTR 3, 17 HP , chain and shield, javelins (6), mace, 104 gp, gems worth 7, 10, 100 gp, potion of levitate.
Light Horse (6) - Leather, shortbow, longsword
Crossbowmen (12) - Chain, heavy crossbow, hand axe

Manning the fort's stores and mess is Vernal Danst, a battle-scarred, one-handed veteran (FTR 3, 13 HP, leather, cleaver [as hand axe], 160 gp, gems worth 30, 60 gp, flask of alchemist's fire [bursts for 1d8+1 dmg x 2 rounds, 10' radius]).  Superficially loyal, he has been turned by the Citadel to spy on Gega, who the Command does not trust.

Danst has uncovered Gega's plot, and has been desperately trying to get a message to the north.  The postern gate has been too well-watched for him to send his servant boy as a runner, and the next commissary delivery is not expected for a week, leaving little time to pass a note to the drovers.  He will risk slipping a note to a (hopefully) sympathetic caravan guard (as he uses the excuse of asking if they may have spices for trade) or to travelling adventurers.

However, the Citadel Command would greatly appreciate discretion in the handling of this affair.  Loyalty of their commanders and soldiery is legendary, and a betrayal by one of their own would make them greatly lose face with their allies, especially with the imminent threat of Adaqian incursions.  A quiet liquidation of Gega would be greatly preferred, either by rendition back to the Citadel, or a silent blade in the dark, prior to the arrival of the Adaqians. A counter-force can then be dispatched, with the intent to retake the fort while it is in disarray with the loss of its leader, or to intercept the Adaquian forces before they reach the fort.

Understandably, undertaking a mission to quell this revolt, either by subterfuge or force, will be exceptionally risky, given the defensible position of the traitors. Any reward will be commensurate of the challenge.


  1. what a nice starting point for a campaign, or series of adventures. good work!