Friday, February 3, 2023

A Curse of Demons - Some Toren Atkinson Inspiration

After F'Norp's misadventure, I explored a bit more of Toren Atkinson's portfolio, and borrowed these fine individuals for a bit of hellish creativity:

Of the five lovely specimens below, all have demonic resistances to normal weapons, requiring silver or magic to cause damage (in addition to whatever other physical resistances they may have). All take half damage from non-magical fire. 

Soth'tath: The Hound-Headed: 
Appearing to wear the oversized skin of a flayed victim, this multi-limbed "Hound of Draglemol" acts as a servitor-porter and tracker that retrieves the damned, both on the Abyssal planes, and without. Its mole-like nose scents out fugitives from the dark places and unpaid pacts. Two or more are typically dispatched to hunt down their prey.
Running on bird-like feet, or scrabbling along walls and ceilings, the demon moves at the same pace on any surface. Upon catching prey, they are often seen portaging them away, grasped on their backs with their posterior claws.

HD: 4+1; Armor: as Chain; atk 4x claw (1d6 ea), if two or more attacks strike, the target is grappled, taking 1d6 automatic dmg/round until freed.

This cephalapod-demon is an extraplanar beast, phasing and displacing as it lumbers upon its victims, blasting them into madness and consuming their intelligence.

HD 8: Armor as plate; atk: Its primary attack is a psychic blast (60'cone), requiring a save vs spells/mental attacks. Save failure has a variable effect: 1-33% stunned for 1d6 rounds, 34-66% unconscious for 1d6 turns, 67-99% 1d6 INT loss. Those failing with a roll of 1 or 2 are killed instantly as their minds are pulped. While it prefers not to physically engage a foe, if in melee range, the demon may make 1d4 tentacle attacks per round for 1d8 ea dmg. If the target is hit by two or more tentacles, they are grappled, taking an additional 1d8 automatic strangling dmg/round until freed. The demon's partially phased condition grants it a -4 penalty to physical attacks and a magic resistance of 33%.

Geraxiz: the Engulfing:
A skeletal agglomeration comprised of a combination of demonic remains collected from the various internecine conflicts of the Abyssal planes. Pulsing and screaming from a multitude of mouths as it lurches towards a foe, its animate skulls gnashing and fractious.
HD: 1+1 per head (4-8 heads): Armor as plate/shield; atk: Upon first contact, foes of less than 4HD must make a saving throw or suffer fear effects. 2d3 attacks/round (1d6 bite damage each), if two or more attacks strike, the target takes an additional 2d8 abrasion damage as the demon overruns them. There is a 20% chance that a victim will be incorporated into the body of the demon, becoming another ravenous mouth.

Dral-Gureg: The tick-demon:
A bulbous parasite-demon, these are surprisingly fast, belying their form as they bound and leap unexpectedly from rest, either in shadows or grasping a cavern ceiling. The demon scuttles forth on stubby legs before springing into the air, aiming to latch its multi-jawed mouth over the head of its victim.

HD: 6; Armor as chain; atk: Latches onto victim's head to drain/digest its soul, draining 1d3 INT/WIS each per round. If either stat reaches zero, the victim becomes a mindless thrall of the demon. The demon's bloated body confers it damage resistance to bludgeoning and slashing (half damage).

Like an aggressive barbed jellyfish, the demon floats and stalks, hunting the wayward and unaware, and luring in the weak of mind. The demons hunt silently in packs of 2d4.

HD: 3+1; Armor as chain; atk: flashing bio-lights, save vs spells/mental attack or enthralled for 1d6 rounds, hook snag for 2d4 dmg, snagging on a successful attack of >4 to-hit, victim taking addtl 1d6 dmg to escape. Its silent motion allows surprise on 3 in 6. The demon's ethereal susurrations provide 25% magic resistance.

For those interested in witnessing art in the wild, Toren is working his way through the AD&D Monster Manual with his "20-Minute Monster" livestream on Sunday mornings, 10am Pacific time. Come for the fun art, stay for the bad puns.