Sunday, August 7, 2022

More of Who/What has followed the party?

Just putting out a bit of content of the random sort today. A long-awaited continuation of  "Who/What has followed the party?" Because random mooks and ne'er-do-wells are always "helpful" to saddle our otherwise serious and upstanding adventurers with...

Wilhelm Diez – The Camp Followers (1888)

More minions, hirelings, and camp followers of dubious value, a D30+ list:

  1. Miscellaneous torchbearer, whose life you inadvertently saved from a tragic tumbril accident. Insufferable and cloying.
  2. Drunk who followed you from that bar. Just never leaves.
  3. The Last Goblin Standing. Surrendered. Acts as a servant. Awful cook.
  4. Former/deserter soldier. Constantly looking over their shoulder. Wears ridiculous fake moustache when in towns.
  5. Uplifted, sentient giant rat. Can't help stealing food.
  6. Dwarvish twins. Indistinguishable. Their names are indistinguishable, as well.
  7. Alewife. Doughty. Wields a mean beer stein.
  8. Snake-oil salesman. Always has 2d4 vials of questionable potions on hand.
  9. A very attached chicken. Lays one egg per day. Miraculously survives all threats and hazards.
  10. Silent, hooded figure carrying a chained chest. Useful for storing stuff you won't need for a while. Or ever.
  11. Pair of argumentative siblings. Pawned off on you by a distant relative to get them out of the house.
  12. A bankrupt lamp-oil salesman with a gambling problem.
  13. Surveyor. Constantly measuring things with the 10' pole.
  14. An animated hammer. Somehow appeared after visiting that wizard's tower. Taps on doors, sets spikes on command.
  15. Ghost attached to that signet ring you found. Helpful for communicating with undead and peering through walls.
  16. Emancipated gnomish automaton. Communicates through beeps and boops. Collector. Presses flowers, and the occasional fairy.
  17. An ogre named "Petunia." She's a hugger.
  18. A dude that hums that same song over and over again.
  19. Kobold trap-master. Constantly showing off the "provisions" they've caught (Usually rats and large spiders). Spiders are surprisingly good when seared.
  20. Pet ooze. Cleans up after dinner and altercations. Good at obscuring tracks and disposing of evidence.
  21. An escaped cloistered nun. Passable bandaging and herbalism skills. Fascinated by EVERYTHING.
  22. Nudist elf. Maintains eye contact a bit too long. Helpful in finding secret doors, at least.
  23. Mummy on a frankincense bender.
  24. Serpent-folk mystic. Speaks in riddles. Or nonsense. Fabulous feather headdress and bone necklace.
  25. A hallucination made flesh. Those were some reaalllyyy good shrooms.
  26. Several squabbling brownies. They do keep the party's footwear in good condition, though.
  27. A familiar that lost its mage. A random PC now has an extra 1d4 hp and a random 1st level spell, useable once per day.
  28. Drummer boy. Perhaps a fife player too. Blatantly patriotic.
  29. "Famed Mage From Another Land" Actually just a passable sleight-of-hand street magician. Makes balloon animals. Useful for distracting goblins and hayseeds.
  30. Halfling pipeweed dealer. Just got some good shit in from the shire, plus some sketchy powder from the gnomes. May have sold you those shrooms (#25).
  31. Washed-up prizefighter sporting a fine set of cauliflower ears. 2x1d6 unarmed damage/round and grapples opponent on a 19 or 20.
  32. An alien. Taking notes. Will carry something under duress. Zaps things with blaster only in self defense (2d12dmg).

"Camp Followers" by Anton Hoffmann

And updated the Chartopia table with the expanded list of characters...