Sunday, September 5, 2021

Moar Minotaur. And the Shaman class!

Well, figured I should give my minotaur the Advanced Version of ye olde game treatment, and give them a little class, or classes, as well. So here's our bovine friend kitted out for 1e/OSRIC/OSE Advanced Fantasy/etc. 

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Gave them the fighter and thief, of course, because apparently anyone can do that. And barbarian, because uncivilized. But felt like I needed a bit of a spellcaster too. Not being satisfied to just toss them the cleric/druid class, I wanted to perhaps give them something a bit hybrid. So the shaman class came to be. Now I know that there are likely plenty of shaman/witch/druid/nature-priest classes out there, but why not one more? 

Besides, I had this guy for inspiration:

The first thing I see (other than the fabulous coif) is that our buddy here is bedecked in trinkets and talismans. Bingo. When writing up classes, even ones that are variants or reskinning of other classes, I do try to give each one some unique flavor to stand out from their peers. Who knows how successfully, but there it is.

Anyway... the trinkets. Our shaman carries their spellcasting abilities within their totems. Each represents a single spell, and can be selected for use without pre-memorization or meditation. That said, the selected spell is expended until the next day.

And what if you want your half-orc PC (at least I think that's what that is) to have this role?

Or your elf?

Go for it - this guy's generic:

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Have fun, and let me know if either of these cretins appear at your table...

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