Monday, August 23, 2021

Jam Entry - The Funnel

Oop - been remiss on my scribblings and paltry efforts....

Stumbled upon the itch.o jam page. I honestly haven't perused much other than a few recommended downloads, and only had a passing familiarity with their jams. But it's always good to have a deadline...

The one that caught my interest was the Funnel Jam - building a 0-level funnel game and/or adventure to run classless PCs into 1st level characters. 

I previously built a funnel adventure, complete with a 0-level character mini game in my 2018 One Page Dungeon entry. The 0-level mechanics are loosely based on the DCC method, with some added randomness and a brief framework for attempting class-like skills. Most importantly, a PC doesn't "know" if they are potentially good at something until the first time they attempt an action, at which point the player rolls the relevant stat.

Without the imposed space restriction, I could add to the 0-level character mini-game, as well as build a small adventure that our hapless mooks may find themselves in... In this case, they are The Help for a local mage, who has asked them to open and tidy up his summer house for the season. Unfortunately, it has squatters, as well as other tenants left from more diabolical activities. It's going to take some serious elbow grease to get these dust bunnies all swept up...

Anyway, here it is, for your perusal.

Download here

The Funnel Jam runs thru August 31.


  1. Possibly foolish question: that page ( names the game but I don't see any download link?

    1. Looks like I didn't complete the upload (new to itch) - should be live now - ping me if there are any issues.