Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Tourist's Guide to Foxtail Grotto

Another incursion into a creation of Dyson's, this time a lovely little piece of real estate in a grotto/cavern along some coastal environs. I also borrowed some general themes outlined in his blog entry, somewhat modded for my own imagining of the scenario.

Original post

I see this as a relatively low-level scenario, where the big-bad may be able to corner the PCs within the complex, but where they may find a few resources to help defeat it.

And why wouldn't they just run at the first site of such looming doom? Have you met players and their foolhardy PCs???

Anyway, here's Foxtail Grotto for use and abuse.


  1. These are great. I should stop reading them, and you should run one of these sometime! Great for a one-off. -Travis