Saturday, December 15, 2018

Creeping in Old Cruik Hollow

Knocking out mini-adventure #2, this time a Dyson Logos creation.   Dyson often adds a bit of description or plot seed to each of his maps.  I usually go my own way, but this description was evocative enough for me to run with it...
The limestone caves of Old Cruik Hollow are at the head of a box canyon and show the signs of decades of use by various groups over the ages. Stairs have been cut into the floor of the cave on the left leading into the upper caves. Sections of the caves have been closed off with wooden walls and doorways – and a small tomb was cut into the looping cave and then more recently converted into a storage space. 
These days the upper caves are home to a small group of bandits, exiles and outlaws from the nearby town. Their leader, Ola Zeldade, escaped town when they began growing scales as they are actually at least one quarter naga, and are in the midst of the slow transformation into a more naga-like form.
So I built out this cavern with its leadership "in transition". So to speak. Her merry band was generated, in part, via a few clicks on the Meatshields generator, your one-stop-shop for mooks.
Welcome to the Hollow, we got fun n games - Download
 Happy holidays, ya heathens!

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