Friday, May 4, 2018

One Notebook Page

Happy One Page Dungeon Deadline!  162 entries this year, a strong showing, and from what's been posted up so far - a high level of competition.

Pushed out my entry earlier this month.  I can't speak to its quality - that's the judges' domain.  My writing discipline has gone downhill over the last while, so I made a self-imposed deadline to get the entry out the door well before May 1.

The entry began with a beer and and empty notebook page...  which descended into a freewriting/brainstorming session:

Cuneiform made easy

For those of you who don't want to read my writing (and even I can't figure out a few words), the list is, more or less:
  • Sustainable dwarves
  • Sent by dragon
  • Intelligent ants 
  • Blind foe/-> sensory deprivation?
  • Alien intelligence
  • Puzzle -> Rube Goldberg dungeon -> collect bits to negotiate maze?
  • Nepotism ??? (Not sure, maybe 'halflings')
  • Despotic gnomes
  • Industrial druids
  • Naked and afraid, escape!
  • Gladiatorial fairies
  • Tortoise jousting
  • Intelligent hunter ooze
  • Dungeon Olympics <- decathlon
  • 200' rappel
  • Fun!
  • Golem lab
  • Good lists!
  • Enjoy dying!
  • Funnel? -> roll attributes as needed
In the end, elements of bullets 2 and 20 (and hopefully 16, 18 and 19...) made it into the entry.  There are a few more notebook pages of brainstorming and distilling...

And now I want to design a "Sustainable Dwarves vs Industrial Druids" adventure.  It will somehow involve weaponized windmills.

Bullet 10 always hearkens back to the classic A4 slaver module.

And my wife wants to play a fairy gladiator PC.  Look for stats on that momentarily...

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