Monday, April 16, 2018

Santicore 2017 entry

I seem to catch the Secret Santicore group project every other year....  But I remembered to enter Santicore 2017...

Well, Santicore 2017 came and went, and it seems that the editing process is a bit delayed.  So putting my contribution out as a bit of content...

This years 'gift' request:

"Oh great and dreadful Santicore, 
I gaze upon your visage with reverence and wish that you wouldst grant this lowly mortals request. I request with such respect as to make other respectful people look as though they aren't, that could you please make me a jungle based encounter.
I lay myself at your feet as your lowly humble servant.

So off to the jungle we go, in search of illusory foe....

And the name?  Well it came from one of those paint samples that you get at the store.  I've never quite figured out how the color names are generated, or how they reflect anything in the real world.  But of the green-tinged color chits I happened to be sorting through at the time, it seemed to best fit a small jungle excursion.

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