Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Four Views of Zorus Island!

So yeah, as soon as +Dyson Logos posted up a work-in-progress pic of an unnamed island on G+, I started making a few notes.  A bit of island real estate with 3-4 encounter areas - what's not to love?

Welcome to lovely Zorus Island, home to four different haunts...

Fungal Zombieland: Dyson's original post suggested an undead-overrun island.  Yeah, we got a bad case of zombies here, folks.

Mutineers and Smugglers:  Something is afoot with the island guards.  Best to clandestinely investigate.

Sheeping:  All the Doulough family wanted to do was raise sheep in peace.  And now something is mucking that up....

Caretakers and Were-takers: Where'd that damned goat come from, and why won't it go away?!?


  1. It's a big enough island, have all four things here.

  2. I'd envisioned this as a small (1x3mile?) island with single challenge - but you're right. No reason we can't have mutineers (one of whom is secretly a were-goat) in the tower beset by zombies while a sea serpent eats sheep.