Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kobolds you may encounter

Everyone's favorite devious bane to low-level parties (and a few higher-level groups, as well)...


What have the little scaly bastards been getting themselves up to?

1. Fire-Breather: Hints of the draconic heritage of the Mother of Flames flows through this one.  Fire spit - 1d6 damage, 3x/day (15' range).


2. Bugeater: Iron stomach: +2 saves vs disease or ingested poisons.

3. Sharpshooter: +1 to-hit and damage with sling or javelin.

4. Tunnel Scrapper: +2 melee to-hit in close spaces (e.g. tunnel <4' tall)

5. Trapper:  A vermin-catcher.  Will always have a bag of 2d6 small poisonous critters to throw or drop onto intruders.

6. Lightfoot: +1 to stealth rolls, skills as 2nd level thief.

7. Illusory Mage: 1d3 random illusionist spells (1st and 2nd level).

8. Horn-hide: Tougher than your average kobold: 1 HD, AC 6/13


9. Shroom Warrior: Harvests underground fungus - most likely hallucinatory. 3/4 chance tripping balls; 1/4 chance of spewing augeries.

10. Tunnel-rider:  Riding exotic mount of some sort:  1-2: Giant lizard; 3-5: Defanged giant spider; 6: Rust monster (baited with rusty helmet on a stick); 7: Dire weasel; 8: Pilfered automaton

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