Monday, March 7, 2016

Spider Jellies vs Jelly Spiders

Two squishy critters to lurk and crawl in your subterranean habitat of choice (Statted per S&W, easily convertible):


HD: 6, AC: 7, Move: 6, Save: 9, AL: N, CL/XP: 8/800, Attack and Specials, see below:

These gray-green "limbed" ambulatory jellies creep across walls and ceilings by pseudopods, moving quickly for their ilk. The jellies leave a network of filaments in their wake, hence their name.  The filaments are tough and may be used by dungeon denizens as sutures, tripwires, and small snares.

They attack by pseudopod bash (2d6 dmg), plus incorporating a painful sting (-2 all rolls for 1d4 turns) from filaments embedded in the target.

After a successful hit, a victim will be stuck to the jelly by its filaments and partially entangled (a filament may be broken by rolling a successful to-hit vs AC2). Additionally, the jelly secretes a digestive enzyme, dissolving cloth, leather, and wood after one round.

Although immune to normal fire and flame attacks, the jellies are susceptible to magical attacks, which cause double damage.


HD: 1-1, AC: 8, Move: 3, Save: 18, AL: N, CL/XP: 1/15, Attack and Specials, see below:

These brightly-colored, bloated arachnids, are generally slow and torpid, and prey from funnel-webs. Smallish (1-1.5 feet in diameter), they occur in groups of 1d4+2.

The spiders may bite (2d4 damage, save at +2 halves) or spit a sticky globule (save or be stuck as web spell). Their soft exoskeletons and organs can deform from physical attacks, decreasing damage (Blunt: 1/2 damage, edged: -1 damage).

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