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The Village of Baegsveit

The Village of Baegsveit

A crossroads village, commanded by a stout stone tower.  The village population is comprised of approximately 80% human and 20% gnome.  The gnomes are natives of these parts, and hold a slight animosity toward the big-un's who built the trade road and tower through their lands. However, the industrious gnomes have capitalized on the humans' presence, establishing a number of shops in the settlement.

The stone tower overlooks the junction of the local trade road to the south and east, and is home to garrison, commander, etc.  A small stone blockhouse watches the bridge.  The bridge is rigged to collapse by removal of a series of linked lynch pins in the event of a significant hostile force or hazard.

Greta Salel, the tower commander, was granted a charter of land in the area in exchange for her past service campaigning (5th level fighter, 23 HP, Chain and shield (AC 4/15), heavy crossbow, Axe +1, 269 gp, jeweled dagger (300 gp), gold and topaz brooch (200 gp), potion of cure light wounds). She owns a fat mastiff war dog ('Arrowmagnet' 10 HP, AC 7/12, Atk: Bite 2d4).

She commands a small force that mans the garrison and patrols east and south:

Men-at-arms (18): chain (AC5/14), half with light crossbow/hand axe; half with spear/short sword. Two sergeants (3rd level fighters): Trevor Soumer - 13 HP, chain (AC 5/14), two-handed sword, 377 sp, large amethyst (110 gp); I'queban - 15 HP, chain and shield (AC 4/13), Mace +1, 141 gp, small carved agate cat (20 gp), vial of rare perfume (30 gp). Six riding horses, two mules.

Poina Ildash, a 6th level magic user, is a retired adventurer and the lover of Salel, who lives in a pair of compact rooms within the tower (17 HP, AC 7/12, ring of protection +1, dagger), spells: 1) read magic, charm, sleep, magic missile; 2) continual light, ESP; 3) fireball, hold person, scrolls: Unseen servant, fear, spider climb, 400 gp, gems worth 70, 110, 120, 300, 500 gp, potion of invisibility, wand of mirror image (12 charges)).

East of the tower is the village's temple, a heavy timber building with a blue-tiled roof. A small alter with a crystal swan is located on the north side of the temple.  The swan was enchanted by Poina to continually glow.  The swan will purify water 3 times per day, and hums slightly during the approach of large storms.  Unbeknownst to the locals, the swan is an artifact created in honor of a forgotten water god. The swan is capable of raising storms and calling floodwaters, but the knowledge to manifest such powers has been long-lost.  The priest is Brother Samris, a 4th level cleric (10 HP, chain, +1 shield (AC 3/16), hammer, spells: 1) cure light wounds, protection from evil; 2) hold person, 110 gp, 42 sp, books of historical lore and obscure rituals worth 12, 50, 60 gp, divine scroll "prayerbook": remove fear, bless. He is assisted in his duties by three acolytes (0-level, 3,5,5 HP, leather (AC 8/11), club).

The village inn is the Badger and Dog, a two-story timber building with red-tiled roof.  Lodgers may board in small shared upstairs rooms equipped with cots.

The proprietor is Riffolk, a veteran who lost both his legs when a siege tower collapsed on him (2nd level fighter, 10 HP, AC 9/10, light crossbow, 76 gp, 211 sp, gems rolled up in an old scroll-case behind the kegs: 20, 60, 70 gp). He rolls about in a small wagon and has had the inn equipped with a system of ramps and winches to move about and maintain the business. He is assisted by his wife, Magda, and an adopted daughter, a simple girl named Neza.

Food is basic but hearty:
Steamed crayfish and watercress (a local specialty: harvested from the farmed mill pond)
Boiled sausage and cabbage
Vegetable Stew
Oat Porridge
Ale and cider, occasionally supplemented by gnome-distilled spirits.

Several of the gnomish homes are facades, with the majority of the living and working areas underground.  They are linked by tunnels.  Due to the small diameter tunnels, any invaders larger than gnome-height will fight at -2 to -4, and may only fight single-file.

Other residents/trade-persons of note:

Tailor: Jan Takim, will craft or repair clothing and cloth travel goods, has a small store of clothing available for sale. She only takes payment in silver due to a personal superstition (HP 4, AC 9/10, 345 sp)

Mason: Owen Least: Hired by Salel to direct the construction of the towers, he maintains the bridge and helps construct foundations and homes.  He knows of an old mine or two in the area and would be willing to guide for a fee (HP 5, leather (AC 8/11), hammer, 31 gp, 3 sp).

Shoemaker: Gnome Bjorn Minnimalkin, makes and repairs shoes, will repair other leather gear (except armor) for a small fee (6 HP, leather (AC7/12 (DEX)), hammer, 45 gp, 6 sp).

Jeweler: Gnome Olaf Bimpni a 3rd level illusionist: (7 HP, AC 8/11(DEX), dagger, spells 1) detect illusion, daze, read languages; 2) blur, 102 gp, iron lockbox (anyone not saying the correct password will trigger a color spray spell) containing gems/jewelry worth 10, 40, 50, 2x80, 3x90, 110, 300 gp) will appraise items for minimum fee of 50 gp. The shop has a gnome guard, Gunborg Lumdiddle, a 3rd level fighter (12 HP, AC5/14 - gnomish automaton armor - +1 to-hit and damage, allows wearer to detect invisibility, short sword).

Furrier: Harald Foroth (4 HP, leather and shield (AC 7/12), club, dagger, 28 gp, 83 sp) purchases furs and hides brought by trappers and adventurers.  He specializes in crafting items made from the hides of small game animals (purses, hats, merkins). Despised by the gnomes.

Spice merchant: gnome Alf Glimtwiss (8 HP, AC 9/10, light crossbow, 314 gp, 800 gp in spices), guard dog ('Big Alf', 11 HP, AC 7/12, Atk: Bite 2d4). Awaiting a caravan to move his wares, may be in the market for guards.

Barber: Timon Asche performs tonsorial arts, and was outlawed from the urban center of the duchy for prescribing sham unguents (and perhaps impregnating the Duke's niece) (6 HP, AC 9/10, dagger, 51 gp, 130 sp, gems worth 12, 40, 60, 80 gp secreted in the bottom of a crockery filled with fat).  Bitter at his lot in life, but everyone in the village is exceptionally well-coiffed.  Has a selection of salves and healing potions, some treat injuries and burns and speed healing (additional 1d2 HP/day), others are merely pig grease with some perfume and herbs.

Miller: Geoff Scholhin is a retired campaigner who served under Salel in the Eastern Wastes (3rd level fighter, 16 HP, leather and shield (AC 7/13), sling, longsword, 108 gp, looted gold plates worth 10, 50, 70 gp).  He has a great respect for her, and chose to build his mill along the creek 'to keep an eye on the old girl.' Scholhin's wife, Ilsa, and cousin, Rudi, operate the local bakery, producing bread for both the inn and residents, and compressed rolls for sale to travelers.  His daughter, Peony, raises crayfish in a pen in the millpond to supply the inn.

Town 'fool': Nicknamed 'The Roach' by the locals, Awun Hobux lives in destitution under the mill.  He may be one of several things:
1. Latches onto a random PC as a foretold hero/prophet/messiah, becomes a sycophantic follower. No morale checks, annoyingly helpful and chatty.
2. Provides critical clue to upcoming quest/mission/etc. in his ramblings.
3. Long-lost relative of a random PC, joins the group, reveals existence of a family inheritance secreted away behind powerful wards.
4. Throws rocks, yells, "Heretic!" Worships a stray cat.
5. Is a destitute friend/acquaintance of a random PC.
6. A mendicant begging for alms, will curse a PC who snubs him with weeping, odoriferous sores (two weeks, -2 on reaction checks).  Immediately fades away.
7. Wandering monk, will challenge the largest PC to unarmed combat as a requirement of his "Meditations in Violence."
8. Attempts to give a PC a "magic rock" that appears to just be a dull river rock.  The rock is actually a 'luckstone' that provides +1 to the bearer's saves for 1d4 days.

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