Monday, May 4, 2015

200-Word Gaming Challenge

I'm not sure where I found this link, but David Schirduan posted up a 200-Word RPG challenge, a posting on G+ that apparently got out of hand and turned into a contest.  Build a game, setting, or hack within 200 words...

Ok, I had some time in the evenings during an out-of-town project, and a prompt like this is always tempting. Oh, and each contestant was allowed up to three entries...

Please note that each of these was constructed in approximately 30 minutes each.  Criticize accordingly.

1) Hack/PC class: because bad 80's fantasy movies need love too.

 2) This is actually a distilled version of a larger piece I'm working on. Unfortunately, OpenOffice took a crap and turned my original draft into gibberish, so I'm in the process of recovering the draft and re-transcribing notes to rebuild the larger project - please stay tuned.
 3) Mutant Wrasslin': Pretty self-explanatory.
Side note:  The critter picture ganked for the mutant game is from a real taxidermist, who melds animals into weird chimera.  Unfortunately, he was arrested for illegal importation of endangered animal remains.  That said, a few of those things beg for stats.

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